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Bulk SMS provides an opportunity to communicate quickly and securely with your potential and existing customers by sending mass SMS advertising, notifications, and other text messages.

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FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What is bulk sms or bulk messaging?

Bulk Messaging is the delivery of large numbers of SMS messages to mobile handsets. It is used by various enterprises for a variety of purposes including mobile marketing and important notifications. Bulk SMS is commonly used for service renewal reminders, offers & discounts, event reminders, festival wishes, and important alerts, etc.

What is a Keyword?

A Keyword or Mobile Keyword is a unique word that your customers or subscribers will send to a short code number from their mobile phone, in order to join your mobile numbers list.

Example: (Text “ABC to 0000” to join our list for special alerts and deals).

Would I be able to send Bulk Text Messages?

You can send bulk Text Messages as long as your contacts have opted to receive Text Messages from you. If you are not authorized to send messages to your contacts by them, you will be prevented from using the service and your account will be stopped.

Which is better for marketing to past customers, email or SMS?

Email and SMS both have their uses in a full and well rounded marketing strategy and can complement each other.

The people on your SMS marketing list will have subscribed or given you permission to add them which indicates this is their preferred method of contact. It’s also worth noting that while many people have mobile phones, not all have or actively use email so for wider coverage and a greater reach with your own customers, SMS may be the way to go.

Why some of my contacts did not received my Text Message?

Some people need to enable their cell phone’s messaging by contacting their mobile providers. There are people who use pre-paid phones, that might not have a high enough balance to cover the incoming message. Some recipients need to subscribe to receive a higher number of Text Messages. Sometimes the recipient is out-of-range and cannot receive the message. Sometimes the mobile number of the recipient is wrong and will not get delivered properly.

Is it worth including links to a website in my SMS messages?

With the growth in smartphones that are able to access the internet there is an increasing opportunity to include website links in your SMS messages that lead to a landing page that supports your campaign.

Not only would this allow you to track your campaigns with more precision but your campaigns take on an extra dimension to help convert recipients into customers.

What is a Short Code?

A short code is a 5- or 6-digit number that can send and receive SMS (and MMS) to and from mobile phones.

What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing allows you to reach anyone, anywhere in the world without being concerned about an internet connection, the hardware they have or even the time of day. SMS marketing has been shown to have an open rate of 98{ecdd089160cdeee50e2ae37bea067a932dfede861a84c7700e4aedb573d29ebe} compared to an email marketing average of 18{ecdd089160cdeee50e2ae37bea067a932dfede861a84c7700e4aedb573d29ebe}.

Combined with an enticing and well written message, there are few other marketing channels with as high a reach or potential for success.