How To Secure My Website

How To Secure My Website

How To Secure My Website – (Easy Guide to Website Security)

Why Website Security Is Important

If you run a website whether business or personal then ensuring that it is secure is important for a number of reasons, as shown below:

  • To prevent Malware (viruses) being uploaded to your site
  • To prevent Phishing emails being sent via your website
  • To reassure your website visitors that your website is safe
  • To get a better ranking in the search engines like Google
  • To protect your business from getting hacked and to protect against losing vital data

What Happens If Your Website Is Not Secure?

If your website is not secure then hackers and criminals can target your website and exploit any weaknesses.

They have a range of hacking tools at their disposal but the main ones are:

  • Man In The Middle (MITM) Attack – this is where details are accessed between your website and the person’s browser
  • Malware Uploads – Malware is injected to your website through vulnerabilities in the code

How Can You Secure Your Website?

There are two main ways to secure your website:

  • Switch to Secure HTTPS
  • Use a Website Security Seal with Malware Detection

Here’s how they work.

Secure HTTPS (SSL Certificate)

The most basic way you can protect your site is to switch to HTTPS hosting. This requires an SSL certificate.

Normally websites are hosted on HTTP – check up in your browser. The problem with HTTP is that it is not secure. Hackers can ‘listen’ in to any data that is passed between your visitor’s browser and your website.

This could be sensitive data such as credit or debit card details or login credentials for their website.

With HTTPS a secure, encrypted connection is made between the browser and your website so that any data passed between them can not be intercepted.

However, HTTPS is not just good for security. Google have made it clear that HTTPS is also a ranking factor in their algorithm.

In short this means that Google favours websites that use HTTPS.


Website Security Seal

A Site Seal is a security feature that monitors your website looking for Malware (i.e. viruses uploaded by hackers).

It’s like having an anti-virus for your website. You wouldn’t access the internet without using an anti-virus so why expose your website to potential threats?

It monitors your files and if it detects any Malware it notifies you so that you can remove it.