The Importance of Email Branding

The Importance of Email Branding

Email branding. It’s probably something you’ve never even thought about, but what impression is your email address saying about your business? How does your email effect your branding?

For most small business owners, creating an email address specifically for their new business is one of the first steps they take, even before registering a domain name. This is completely backwards.

Since most businesses start out with a limited budget, trying to save money is important. Creating a Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account is easy, and usually free. It also sends the entirely wrong message to everyone who sees it.

Communication is key in business. How you communicate is even more important. What you say and how you say it speak volumes to your customers about your professionalism and the quality of product or service you offer. When a potential customer, employee, or business partner sees a business email from you that is hosted on one of these free services, it sends the wrong message. It tells them you’re not serious enough about your new (or even worse, old!) venture to purchase a domain name for your website, and have your email accounts setup on that domain as well.

Your professional business email address *must* be setup on your own company URL/domain name. Example: Not Or worse yet, Having your email accounts on your own domain name tells the world you’re in business, and not still living in 1998.